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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why Gratuities (Tips) Are Your Best Travel Value

Why Gratuities (Tips) Are Your Best Travel Value

While I can't say I share Anthony Bourdain's disdain
for Rachel Ray, I wince every time I see her leave a
pittance of a tip in one of her $40 a Day shows.


Because if you are trying to get the most for your
hard earned cash when travelling, the last thing
your need is to become known as a miserly tipper!

Waiters, waitresses, bartenders, bellman... People
in the service industry of all sorts are some of the
hardest working folk out there. That said, they are
also nothing if not human.

How does that come into it?

Let's start with those in the food service industry.
Generally speaking, these individuals are allowed
a certain amount of leeway in the distribution of
complimentary drinks, desserts, appetizers and
the like. Who do you think gets those?

The 10%ers?

Or that guy that can always be counted on to show
his appreciation both verbally and monetarily each
and every time he visits?

The tipper wins every time...

Now let's consider hotel staffers.

If you travel as much as I do, or even close to as
much as you would like to, then you know that
you regularly need favors from housekeeping,
room service, concierge services, bellman and
even sometimes management.

I can honestly say that I have more than recouped
every dollar of gratuity in dry cleaning, tickets,
complimentary taxi services and a hundred other
last minute or emergency situations where these
people absolutely could not wait to be of service.

The plain truth of the matter is that when you
show people that you value and respect them
and the services that they provide you with, it
is a win-win-win situation.

Your trip is enhanced by improved service as well
as more pleasant interpersonal interaction.

Your wallet is happy when you get complimentary
food, drinks and a host of other services.

Tips show that you appreciate a job well done.

Tips back up your words of appreciation.

Tips allow you to develop relationships that
will fix problems that you simply cannot predict.

Tips are your best travel value...

Floyd Bogart

Friday, April 18, 2008

Washington, DC - My Favorite City For Long Weekends

Washington, DC - My Favorite City For Long Weekends

My first venture to the nation's capital was just
a few short years ago, but in that time what has
developed has been a great relationship with a
city that has more to offer than I expect to fit
into this lifetime.

One of the major things that make this city such
a great destination for travellers are the museums.
The Smithsonian is a multi-interest extravaganza
that has so much to offer that I won't even try here.

Just go check them out HERE.

Being the creature of habit that I am, I tend to stay
at the same hotel in any one city, once I find one that
I really enjoy.

In DC that place is the Hamilton Crowne Plaza.
Having stayed there at least eight times now, it
has begun to feel like my home in DC. The rooms
are beautifully furnished, and the service is just

Conveniently located one block from McPherson
Square Metro and 4 miles (15 minutes) from
Ronald Reagan National Airport (DCA), which is
accessible by taxi or Metro. Just 5 blocks from
The White House, 4 blocks to the Washington,
DC Convention Center and within walking distance
to the Smithsonian Museums, national monuments,
Verizon Center Arena, Chinatown, and the Warner,
Ford, Shakespeare and National Theatres.

They are also a member of the Priority Club Family
of Brands
, that lets you quickly earn free nights
with a generous points system.

I guess you can see why I like staying there. It is
also within walking distance of my favorite DC
restaurants. Here are a few of my favorites:

DC Coast.

This is right across the street from the Hamilton
Crowne Plaza
also at the corner of 14th & K Streets.
The very definition of fine dining. A regular haunt
of the prominent and the famous folk of DC (on my
last visit Linda Carter was there). Washington is
known for both the quality of it's eating and drinking
establishments, and their high prices. This one ain't
cheap, but it's worth it!

Frequently what I have done here is to eat from their
excellent bar menu. It definitely saves on the cost,
while the quality and selection are sill outstanding.

Old Ebbit Grill - Since 1856

This one qualifies as an institution in it's own right.
Just up the street from the White House, it is always

There are four bars, and each is special in it's own
way. The Corner Bar is just to the left and up a couple
of steps. Here you may be served by my two favorite
bartenders in all of Washington, DC. Margaret &
"Joey V". These two will make your time here a joy!
My first visits to Ebbit's I enjoyed the Oyster Bar
immensely, and both Grant's Bar and The Old Bar
are treasures (my last meal at the Old Bar was shared
with a major movie star that just happened to be there
and sitting on the stool next to mine)

But for me, no trip to DC is complete until "Joey V"
pours me a Black & Tan...

Odeon Cafe'

I came across this gem walking around Dupont Circle
one night trying to decide what I wanted to do with
an evening on my own. It looked kind of smallish from
the outside on Connecticut Ave, but I'm always up for
good Italian food, and the menu looked promising, so
I gave it a try.


This place is a don't miss in my book. Hands down
the best Calamari Fritti that has yet past my lips.

While this definitely qualifies as an Italian Bistro,
don't think The Godfather, but rather a modern,
warm upscale place that makes you feel very
comfortable and immediately like a regular.

The staff is warm, friendly and personal from the
owners, to the wait staff, to your Korean bartender
"Fabio" you'll always feel welcome and well taken
care of.

The Dubliner

"Joey V" introduced me to the owners of this
outstanding Irish Pub one night downing a few
Wellfleets at Ebbits's Oyster Bar. Having acquired
an abiding appreciation for Irish Pubs years ago, I
felt obligated to accept their invitation to sample
their fare the very next evening.

I chose the wrong evening!

Evidently it is a DC tradition for the attendees
of the annual Correspondents Dinner to start out
at The Dubliner. Boy did I feel underdressed...

I was so surrounded by tuxedo and evening gown
clad correspondents that I could hardly find a place
to park, lol...

It was worth it though!

There is always Live Music, and the food is authentic
and wonderful. They are located behind the Capitol
Building at Number 4 "F" Street, downstairs from
the Phoenix Mark Hotel.

Having had so many wonderful times in Washington, DC
makes it hard not to list the dozens of places that have
made my trips memorable. Hopefully these few will
give provide a start, and encourage you to take a trip
to DC soon...


Floyd Bogart

PS I have another trip here planned for the end of June '08, so will have more for you then!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm That Guy Louie B Anderson Complains About That Flies To London For A Buck...

I'm That Guy Louie B Anderson Complains About That Flies To London For A Buck...

You may have seen Louie B Anderson's schtick about telling people
how much he has paid for airfare. It's probably happened to you too:

Someone says "Hey how was your trip to San Francisco?"
You tell them it was great, and then they want to know:

"So how much was your flight?"

And when you tell them it was around $500 round trip, they tell
you how they
"flew out there for $256... Non-Stop!"

Well, I gotta tell you that I am one of those guys!

Yep, I always get the best fares and pay the least for hotels, resorts,
car rental, greens fees... You name it, and I'm paying less than you are.

Frankly, you could be that guy too!

There have always been tricks to getting the best deals, and I've always
been very good at finding how to do it! One friend of mine calls me
a resource utilization genius. I don't know about the genius part, but
it definitely is a skill I have.

It's a skill you can be known for too!

Before anyone else I knew was using the internet to book travel,
I was booking hotels, flights and car rentals on Hotwire and Priceline.
(don't try it now though)

When my friends were all paying from $12k-$25k for timeshares,
I bought mine for well under $5k. Now I wouldn't even look twice
at purchasing one at any price...

The truth is that most of the benefits that were formerly
using these types of resources are now being
bought up by companies
that are bundling them up to be
used by their Club Members!

The key to getting the best deals on travel is now membership driven!
This trend is growing at an alarming rate, and will continue (IMHO)
for the foreseeable future.

I do a
lot of traveling, for both business and pleasure, and hope to
continue doing so. Because of this, I belong to several "Clubs" or
"MembershipPrograms" designed to get you the best travel deals
out there.

Most of these are also designed as Biz Opps, or Business Opportunities.

The absolute best of these (again IMHO) is
Coastal Vacations.
Their Products and their Biz Opp are both top shelf.
(and yes, I have looked at the newest companies as well)

The previous three posts here are the brochures for each of the
three packages offered by
Coastal Vacations, each of which is an
incredible value. The pages are clickable to enlarge for easier reading.

Coastal Vacation's Compensation Plan is outstanding as well...

1. Purchasing a Package allows you to sell their products.

2. Your first two sales at any level go to your sponsor, as training
sales. This allows you to learn about the business from someone
that has already had experience with payment processing, and
what not. This is what is called a
Two Up Compensation Plan.

3. From that point forward, each sale is yours, as are the first two
sales from each person that you sponsor.

What could be simpler?

Or more profitable?

How would you like to start getting commissions of at least
for each sale that you make? And no more waiting to get paid for a month
or even a week...

You actually get paid before anyone else does!

To get more information about all of this you have several options:

1. Give me a call! My office# is
Ask for either Floyd or Jim. Either of us can
help you.

2. Instant Message. You can catch Jim at:
Yahoo! His id is TampaJimbo1960
His id is MrJimbo24
His id is

3. This blog has a chat room as well.
You can access it here:

I try to be available there as much as I can, but you will always be
able to reach one of us either by phone, or via Instant Message.
But when all else fails, you can always email me at:

Enjoy looking at the 3 Packages, and feel free
to ask any questions that you may have...

Floyd Bogart

PS I have had several people tell me that they
are very interested in this program - BUT they
just have absolutely zero funds! Yes, I can help
you get started with absolutely Zilch in the way of
up front fungolas. Get in touch and I will tell you
what to do!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Floyd Likes To Travel

Since I like to so much I thought I would put up a blog about it to share my exploits, adventures and misadventures with the internet world...

I have been fortunate lately(to me anyway) in that my work has made travel necessary both domestically and internationally. Been to DC quite a bit, and down to Brazil as well. Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you all.


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